Leo Panitch / Colin Leys (eds.)

Violence Today

Actually existing barbarism
Socialist Register 2009

280 Seiten | 2008 | EUR 22.80 | sFr 39.40
ISBN 978-3-89965-995-5


Kurztext: Socialist Register, das Jahrbuch der unabhängigen internationalen Linken, wird im deutschspraschigen Raum vom VSA: Verlag vertrieben.

Der diesjährige Band liefert Analysen der internationalen Gewalt der Gegenwart: ihre Quellen (Imperialismus, globaler Kapitalismus), Hinterlassenschaften (Gewöhnung, Unsicherheit, Hass), Dynamiken (politisch motivierte Gewalt, Terror) und Bedingungen (Überangebot von Waffen etc.).

Violence in every possible form dominates current headlines and people's fears. Understanding it has never been more urgently needed.

This volume offers an insight into contemporary violence that the mainstream media – and even mainstream cinema – shrinks from providing of state violence, on inner cities, on prisons and the violence committed almost everywhere by men against women.

It considers:
– sources: imperialism, globalised capitalism
– legacies: of habituation, insecurity and hatred,
– dynamics: politically-motivated violence, terror; and
– conditions: the superabundance of weapons, etc.


Leo Panitch & Colin Leys

Henry Bernstein, Colin Leys & Leo Panitch
Reflections on violence today

Vivek Chibber
American militarism and the US political establishment: The real lessons of the invasion of Iraq

Philip Green
On-screen barbarism: Violence in US visual culture

Ruth Wilson Gilmore
Race, Prisons and War: Scenes from the history of US violence

Joe Sim & Steve Tombs
State talk, state silence: Work and 'violence' in the UK

Lynne Segal
Violence's victims: the gender landscape

Barbara Harriss-White
Girls as disposable commodities in India

Achin Vanaik
India's paradigmatic communal violence

Tania Murray Li
Reflections on Indonesian violence: Two tales and three silences

Ulrich Oslender
Colombia: Old and new patterns of violence, accumulation and dispossession

Sofiri Joab-Peterside & Anna Zalik
The commodification of violence in the Niger Delta

Dennis Rodgers & Steffen Jensen
Revolutionaries, barbarians or war machines? Gangs in Nicaragua and South Africa

Michael Brie
Emancipation and the left: The issue of violence

Samir Amin
The defence of humanity requires the radicalisation of popular struggles

John Berger
Human shield

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