Leo Panitch / Colin Leys (eds.)

Global Flashpoints

Socialist Register 2008

296 Seiten | 2007 | EUR 22.80 | sFr 40.10
ISBN 978-3-89965-994-8


Aus dem Inhalt:
Aijaz Ahmad: Modern Islam in Historical Perspective: The Fall of Three Empires
Gilbert Achcar: Religion and Politics Today from a Marxian Perspective
Asef Bayat: Does Islamism Challenge Imperial Neoliberalism? The case of Iran
Sabbah Alnaseri: Understanding Iraq
Bashir Abu-Manneh: The Transformation of the Palestinian Resistance
Yildiz Atasoy: Islamic Capitalism and Welfarism in Turkey
Hidayat Greenfield: Kalya's Kalashnikov: Islamic Radicalism in East Asia
Ana Esther Cecena: New Forms of Resistance in Latin America
Margarita Lopez Maya: Venezuelan Revolution: Participatory Democracy under Chavez
Jack Hammond: The Resurgence of the Latin American Left: Real or Imagined?
William Robinson: Transformative Possibilities in Latin America
Wes Enzinna: All We Want is the Earth: Bolivia's 'Agrarian Revolution'
Joao Pedro Stedile & Atilio Boron: The Landless Movement and Brazilian Politics Today
Richard Roman & Edur Velasco Arregui: The Oaxaca Uprising: Implications for Mexico
G.M. Tamas: Fifty Years Later: The Hungarian Revolt of 2006
Raghu Krishnan & Adrien Thomas: Resistance to Neoliberalism in France
Peter Burnham: The Blair Decade: New Labour and Beyond
Alfredo Saad Filho & Greg Albo: Understanding Neoliberalism Better – the Better to Resist It.

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