Walter Baier/Eric Canepa/Haris Golemis (Hrsg.)

Europe in the Brave New World

transform! Yearbook 2020

372 Seiten | 2020 | EUR 15.00
ISBN 978-0-85036-760-7


Kurztext: Das Jahrbuch von transform! europe erscheint gedruckt seit 2020 nurmehr als englischsprachige Ausgabe bei Merlin Press, London. Es kann aber über unseren Warenkorb bestellt werden.

transform! 2020 explores the danger posed to democracy and labour by the brave new world of digital capitalism, probes the nature of the struggle for global hegemony between the US and China at a time when the EU, following Brexit, is steadily losing ground on the global scene, and, in light of the new consciousness of the systemic roots of the ecological crisis and the youth mobilisations for massive intervention to contain it, raises the question of what kind of social bloc might be able to confront the elites and drive the necessary social transformation.

Table of Contents

transform! 2020 is the sixth of an annual series reporting on and analysing European political and social developments.

transform! europe is a network of 38 organisations from 23 European countries, active in the areas of political education and critical social analysis.